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Welcome to ‘Ounces Of Prevention’ ~ a great place to start learning about Essential Oils!

My name is Diana E. Natalie Johnson, and I’m excited about the journey we are on…Here is part of my story:


In 1992, an elimination diet along with herbal and nutritional therapy helped our young son to better health and he no longer needed the four medications with scary side effects which we were administering day and night. This success lead me to take up studies in biochemistry and clinical nutrition, eventually earning a BASc in nutrition. I am unable to share a photo of my R.N.C.P. professional designation here, as I was required to return the original when I made the decision in 2003 not to re-certify.

Holistic Nutrition CertSymptomatology Cert (1)

In 1998, during my career as an R.N.C.P. (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner), I attended a course in Toronto all about the therapeutic uses for pure essential oils. The standard-setting oils they kept referring to were Young Living Essential Oils, relatively new on the scene at that time, but which now after two decades of hard work, research, discovery, and unmatched expertise, remain unsurpassed in purity and effectiveness, as the world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils.

2 (1)

The interesting part of my story is that though I was astounded by the broad range of application and effectiveness of these precious healing oils in helping people help themselves to better health, they weren’t readily available to us here in Canada at that time – we used a few that we could find locally in our ‘natural medicine cabinet’ at home – and I spent the next decade consulting with clients regarding nutrition and wellness without much inclusion of essential oils for health and wellbeing.
A few exceptions were Peppermint oil, which I have witnessed countless individuals use to rid themselves of headaches, and Oregano oil, which we generally recommended in professional practice for candidiasis or systemic yeast overgrowth, and to combat viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection.

The great news is that over the past two decades, while I have been busy with my career and parenting, writing, teaching music, leading worship in our local church, gardening, cooking, and now grand-parenting…Young Living Essential Oils company founder, Dr. Gary Young, has been busy establishing Seed To Seal® farms around the globe and bringing greater education and awareness of everyday uses for essentials oils, and wellness to people all over the world.

The longer I study the chemistry of these amazing volatile plant essences, and what they are capable of, the more I understand the power that is present in a single drop!

We are finally using pure therapeutic grade essential oils every day around our home and for personal health and wellbeing and are witnessing firsthand how amazing and effective they are!

Ounces Of Prevention was established and exists to help you understand what a help essential oils can be to your home and family!

I recommend Young Living essential oils, as founder D. Gary Young continues his passion for authenticity, sustainability, and efficacy. The Seed to Seal® promise and commitment to sustainable farming, cultivating, harvesting, distilling, testing, and delivering quality oils, means we have access to the purest, most authentic essential oils available. Young Living is indeed the pioneer and world leader when it comes to genuine essential oils. This is exciting news and so I invite you to hang out here often and learn along with me!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

[Benjamin Franklin]

with joy,
Diana E. Natalie Johnson

2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Diana. This is exciting! Thank you for including me on your list. I have been very interested in learning about this subject for a while 😀.


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