WELCOME 2018! A personal message from Diana

Snowy Front Porch

As I reflect on 2017 my heart is tender and full, having experienced both great loss and great love during the past months. Great ache and great grace…great change and great appreciation. Family. Faith. Relationship. High priorities embarking on a new year. We never know what lies ahead in life, but when these core things are central, I find the circumference, including self-care, personal development and growth in business & work, seems to take care of itself.


2018 promises new perspective, and vibrant new beginnings!!!

Many “hats” – roles of caregiving, serving in community, grand-parenting, and mentoring a thriving home-based business to name a few. Each different role in this season teaches me to give thanks in big & little things and to receive JOY.

Each role holds opportunity – to listen, to honor God in daily routine, to be creative, and continue helping others grow and thrive in their priorities.


This time of year we tend to look back, and to think big picture. This escalates for me as I turn a year older every December 24th.

I married young, age 20, in 1984. He’s a gracious, wise man. My partner in life. The kind you can weather storms with, and the kind who makes you feel loved, and safe.

Those early years together I taught music, and worked with him in his business. I went back to school after our two boys were born, and studied clinical nutrition, which led to a decade-long consulting practice at two clinics here in Peterborough, ON. I’ve also worked in music studios, and more recently in a natural foods store.

Early in 2016, I was reintroduced to something I’d stumbled across in a kinesiology course in Toronto back in 1998. (At that time a company called Young Living was distilling aromatic plants & bottling therapeutic essential oils that were proving to be a missing link to wellness, but weren’t available in Canada).

In February 2016, a friend gave me a little blue bottle called ‘PanAway’ when I tweaked my back shoveling snow. Can you guess? It stood for “pain away”, and that’s exactly what happened – almost immediately, when I applied one drop. I checked the bottle and it said “Young Living Essential Oils”. What on earth?!?…

…Here we were two decades later and that same company had continued to pioneer, grow and distill ‘nature’s medicines’, purchasing and stewarding virgin land around the world to become a universally known, household name revered and respected for the countless benefits it brings.



Everyone seems to have a nagging concern. For me it’s always been my lungs. From a “croupy” kid to teenage bronchitis, to pneumonia as an adult, my lungs are where I’m vulnerable. As a clinical nutritionist, I pretty much had the dietary & nutrition, and even the exercise piece figured out for supportive self-care, but always felt there was a missing link. Something more energizing, more oxygenating, more detoxifying…a ‘DELIVERY SYSTEM’ if you will.

I decided to give these little Young Living wonders a try ~ though I said I would NEVER again order from a company that “networked” its products.

March 31st, 2016, I was fighting a chest infection. That was also the day I got my Premium Starter Kit of essential oils (a.k.a. ‘nature’s medicines’) from Young Living which included a cool mist humidifying diffuser! The first blend I reached for was “R.C.” Can you guess? It stands for ‘Respiratory Care’. So I put a couple drops in the diffuser and turned it on. It helped like nothing I’d ever tried before.

Were these tiny molecules getting in and helping in a way nothing else could? How had we lost a working knowledge of something used by millions of people over millennia of time? Was it was time to get on a fresh learning curve?

That’s exactly what I did for six months. I used the oils and learned as much as I could about them. I kept a diary of all the ways we began to use the oils ourselves and with extended family including the seniors who LOVED them!

We began to ditch & switch 100’s of undesirable (many toxic) ingredients we found in household and personal care products – for a few safe natural plant based alternatives.

Turns out the whole “networking” thing is absolutely brilliant, and a bit ahead of its time for Young Living back in the mid-1990’s when they began to share the oils this way through independent member-distributors. No way would I have learned all I have by looking on a retail store shelf.

We began to hold classes each month and teach others to do the same. Young Living is a dynamic and supportive wellness community to tap into. The products speak for themselves and once you learn a little bit about them, the personal sharing part just happens because you can’t keep them to yourself – they’re that amazing.

In August 2016 I started a brand new business called Ounces Of Prevention, working from home part time educating exclusively on the missing links Young Living has to offer. I left my day job to continue working part time from home and do personal care for the seniors in my life.

Today, 21 months later, instead of reaching for man-made chemically laden products in our home we’ve been able to ditch most of these and continue an amazing SHIFT toward greater wellness (my lungs are still thanking me!).

We now find ourselves reaching for nature’s precious miracles created for our benefit…pure plant power…properly extracted & bottled, from seed, to seal. Thank you Young Living!


Did I mention the seniors love the oils and Young Living too? I love being able to work part-time from anywhere helping others help themselves to greater wellness naturally!

One of the things that makes Young Living so unique is that it’s holistic (‘whole-istic’ ~ caring for the whole picture). “It’s not just about oils,” writes Sarah Harnisch. “It’s about oil-infused EVERYTHING. Soap, laundry detergent, personal care products, cleaning supplies, nutritional supplements, cooking supplies, tools for working out, love for your pets, your babies, your kids…it hits every area of your life.”

The best of the best of the best. Young Living truly has got us on track again with a wellness lifestyle…When you use these oils, you WILL see some pretty amazing things!



“Hear this: you matter. Your family matters. You may not realize…how many ailments that are already going on are interconnected with the products in your cabinet or your daily diet. One thing I’ve realized is that everyone’s body has a breaking point of how much it will tolerate. For some people it [shows up] as a migraine or even daily headaches…for others pain, swelling and inflammation. For others, skin issues. For others, hormone issues. For other’s, depression. For others, fear and anxiety of things that never scared them before. For others, inability to sleep. For others, anger. Some of it is emotional. Some of it is physical. All of it is your body yelling for help. I am not saying that every health issue is linked to a lifestyle of toxic chemicals. But I am saying that if you’ve been battling something, that may not be a bad place to check…

…The National Institue of Occupational Safety and Health studied 2,983 ingredients in our products at home and found 884 toxic ingredients. 778 were toxic to the human body. Common things under your cabinets right now.”* Even many ‘organic’ or “green” products still have undesirable ingredients.

“The average woman applies 300 chemicals to her body every day; 80 before breakfast!”*

The most dangerous chemicals in our homes are found in air fresheners, cleaning supplies, dishwasher detergents, synthetically fragranced dish soaps and laundry detergents (which also use petrochemical binders to adhere fragrance to clothes) – that means when we use these to wash our clothes we end up wearing xenoestrogens next to our skin – our SKIN!!! Our body’s largest absorptive organ! (Xenoestrogens enter the body through the skin, clogging cell receptor sites & disrupting the delicate symphony of hormonal communication throughout the body.) This is the “yuck” we ditch, and why we switch to safe alternatives like Young Living’s Thieves® line of household products made with completely plant based ‘cell-loving’ formulas.



Our ‘Ounces Of Prevention’ Young Living Essential Oils team of like-minded members has grown from three people in April 2016, to well over 200 and counting! …

We’re here to help you and your family begin to swap the “yuck” for a chemical-free lifestyle ~ just like we did.


As we consider priorities and goals for 2018 it’s good to be reminded…

WE ARE THE GATE-KEEPERS FOR OUR HOUSEHOLDs & FOR OUR PERSONAL CARE just as we are for other INFLUENCES on our daily lives and wellness in all areas.


BOOK AN ON-LINE or IN-PERSON CLASS TIME: Email me, DIANA at:  essentialoils.start@gmail.com

If you’re reading this you’ve already checked out my blog www.OuncesOfPrevention.me which we may say goodbye to in 2018 and make room for a simple D.I.Y. resource site for our team members…WE’LL BE SURE TO KEEP YOU POSTED!


Diana E. Natalie


Find me on Instagram @ouncesofprevention

Facebook: All who join our Young Living team (by enrolling for a free wholesale member account at www.YoungLiving.com/en_CA using the Enroller/Sponsor number of your YL contact, or if you don’t have a Young Living contact using the ID Enroller/Sponsor code #3794432)

… You gain access to our vibrant online Facebook community (the Ounces Of Prevention group) for loads of ongoing support, help, encouragement & ideas!

We look forward to welcoming you!


[* © 2017. Sarah Harnisch. Fearless.]

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