Essential Oils & ADHD

We’re pointing you to a comprehensive article by Dr. Mercola, based on current research, entitled Essential Oils Can Help ADHD
January 26, 2017…

(Dr. Mercola’s Sources and Reference links are listed below for convenience of further research.)

Curly Grass

Even my adult learning & memory processes, alertness & task performance, are notably improved with application of a true Vetiver oil, and with the other EO’s mentioned in this comprehensive article in conjunction with the suggested nutrition + dietary adjustments. I personally use only genuine Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils.
Vetiver EO
The article explains how Vetiver works in terms of changing “brain wave” activity…my Vetiver is improving my beta-theta ratios! 🤔
My sleep patterns have also improved REMARKABLY with diffusing
Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) along with true Lavender (Lavandula anguvstifolia) widely known for it’s calming & naturally sedative properties at bedtime over the past year and a half.
The Dr. Mercola article (linked above) explains how, in chemistry terms, that this particular Cedarwood has a super high “sesquiterpene” content (which our local Ontario cedar, for example, does not).
Cedarwood LRG
The aromatic plants created and put on this earth for our BENEFIT are POWERFUL NATURAL CHEMICAL FACTORIES!
If you have some chemistry background like I do, you’ll appreciate that the chemistry of a properly distilled pure essential oil looks like varied combinations of phenolic compounds (phenols), terpenes (monoterpenes or sesquiterpenes), and aldehydes, accounting for their uniqueness & versatility, and explaining how antibiotic-resistant bacteria can outsmart a cookie-cutter antibiotic made in a lab but can never outsmart a high-phenolic essential oil with constant variables in its natural chemical constituents.
We recommend the new book by Dr. Cole Woolley, PhD, entitled Exploring Essential Oils – a great resource for understanding essential oils and how they work in the body.

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