Calming Conifer Tree Oils

Bruce the Blue Spruce Moose

by Diana E. Natalie Johnson

Introducing Ounces Of Prevention mascot…

 Bruce the Blue Spruce Moose.

During the cold weather months, Bruce tends to gravitate toward conifer, or “evergreen tree” oils. With their crisp, clean aromas, he finds their aromatic molecules to be quite uplifting and balancing, full of amazing molecules known as terpenes.

The grounding properties of conifer essential oils may aid Bruce’s mental clarity and focus as he goes about his work, and also after a long day help to relieve stress, and instil a sense of balance, peace, and calm. Bruce turns to conifers to help revive, energize, and motivate him during long, dull, winter days. He finds they provide him with renewed energy, strength, and sense of purpose.

Autumn compositions 4

Some of Bruce’s favourite conifer oils include the following, and of course they are each sustainably sourced oils of the highest standard distilled by Young Living Essential Oils:

IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE (Pinaceae conifer): exclusive to Young Living’s Highland Flats Tree Farm at Naples, Idaho, and distilled at Young Living’s St. Maries farm in Idaho, this remarkable Blue Spruce contains particularly high levels of alpha-pinene and limonene. It is said that at night, Bruce and his forest friends lie down beneath Spruce trees for protection, and the recharging and rejuvenation the trees bring.

IDAHO BALSAM FIR (Abies balsamea, Balsam Canada): Bruce loves the crisp refreshing woodsy aroma of Balsam Fir, found in Canada and the USA. Balsam fir is often used in essential oil blends applied to sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and to ease respiratory and sinus congestion. Bruce’s beauty secret to wrinkle free skin has a lot to do with Balsam Fir, but don’t tell the other bears.

CYPRESS (Cupressaceae sempervirens): Grown in France and Spain, this fresh, woody evergreen essential oil high in Alpha-pinene, may help to support Bruce’s circulatory (lymphatic and cardiovascular system) wellness, as well as his muscles and bones.

PINE (Pinaceae conifer): Emotionally balancing with its refreshing empowering aroma, Bruce finds Pine essential oil to be very calming and help with both physical and mental fatigue. Bruce likes to be around Pine when he needs support for his respiratory system.

CEDARWOOD (Pinaceae conifer) Cedrus atlantica: Super high in Sesquiterpene molecules (up to 90%), this species of cedar, with its beautiful sweet aroma, is most closely related to the biblical Cedars of Lebanon, and may support Bruce’s nervous system, and respiratory system. Bruce finds Cedarwood to be extremely calming and enjoys deep restorative sleep when he breathes in the Cedarwood molecules before crawling into his comfy bed for the night. Other traditional uses for Cedarwood which Bruce may or may not know about include hair, scalp, and skin health, and aid for skin irritation, cuts, bruises, acne, boils, and burns.

Bruce the Blue Spruce Moose at home

BLACK SPRUCE (Pinaceae conifer): Lastly, Bruce enjoys the benefits of Black Spruce, especially at the end of a long day, to his nervous and respiratory system, and finds Northern Lights Black Spruce, with its naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene, camphene, and beta-pinene, to be particularly emotionally balancing. Bruce loves the grounding rich woodsy-fresh aroma of this essential oil which can be applied anywhere – to the bottoms of his feet, along his spine, down the back of his neck, or used for massaging his tired muscles when he gets home to his cozy den.


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