Greening Our Cleaning: D.I.Y. Fabric Softener



CLOTHES DRYING / ANTI-STATIC / SOFTENING: Start by using silicone or other dryer balls such as those made from pure wool, in an electric or gas clothes dryer, to prevent static electricity. You can place a drop or two of a pure essential oil of your choosing onto or inside of one of these dryer balls for scent and to kill microbes.

“I remember ditching dryer sheets around about 1987, and didn’t use anything at all in the dryer until someone invented the little silicone “hedgehogs” as i like to call them. Now there are 100% wool dryer balls to which you can add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil or blend. The box says they reduce static, reduce drying time by 25%, eliminate wrinkles, are safe for sensitive skin, and soften clothes naturally.”

“This week I added a drop of Young Living’s ‘Purification’ essential oil blend to wool dryer balls and really loved the way the clothes DIDN’T smell when I was putting them away!”

“Some people use a rolled up ball of tinfoil to eliminate static electricity.”


You can also easily and economically make your own liquid fabric ‘softener’ using the recipe above, that works, and will not harm you body or the environment. It is especially nice to use when washing flannelette sheets!


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