How To Use Essential Oils


Using Your Oils

This guide will help you to understand the variety of ways in which you can experience the wellness-enhancing benefits of pure Young Living Essential Oils.

Not all essential oils are created equally.  In fact, 98% of essential oils on the market today are substandard and are to be avoided for use in the ways outlined within this article. We trust the unmatched quality of Young Living Essential Oil products. Young Living Essential Oils global stewardship and SEED to SEAL® promise of purity offers us safe genuine therapeutic grade essential oils free of synthetic additives or chemicals.

Young Living is a transparent global company with the largest selection of true essential oils and oil-infused products available, empowering you to ditch harmful chemicals from your routine, to energize your home & personal care, and to enjoy natural vibrancy.

Young Living has over a quarter-century experience —pioneering  and leading the way in essential oil research and distillation.

Young Living’s reputation and integrity in the global production of essential oils goes beyond “organic”.

Because of Young Living’s SEED to SEAL™ guarantee and commitment to excellence they can promise purity in each of these five careful steps from their seed lines, to soils and farming practices, to planting and harvesting under optimal conditions, to the essential oil extraction using proprietary methodology, to strict analytical testing, to labelling and bottling the oils you receive.

Because of their purity Young Living essential oils are potent. Some are not intended to be applied to sensitive tissues and some essential oils can have possible skin sensitivity. Dilution with a carrier oil (see Topical Application below) is always recommended. Young Living essential oils are extremely versatile and may be used effectively in a variety of ways. Not all essential oils, however, are considered to be GRAS (generally regarded as safe). Please check with the Young Living website or look to your user manual or the definitive Essential Oils Desk Reference ~ 7th Edition (Life Science Publishing) for further safety guidelines.
GREAT NEWS! Young Living is the WORLD LEADER in essential oils and many are approved by Health Canada as NHP Products (Natural Health Products) known to relieve symptoms associated with common ailments, and to maintain and support good health.
This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult your health care practitioner prior to using your essential oils in any of the ways described below.


Guidelines for inhaling your pure YL Essential Oils:

  • Inhale directly—simply smell them right in the bottle. OR place a drop or two in the palm of your hand, and either rub or clap your hands together to distribute the oil molecules, then cupping hands to face, breath deeply.
  • Diffuse essential oil using a diffuser, such as the ‘Dewdrop’ cold water ultrasonic humidifying diffuser which comes with your Young Living Premium Starter Kit. A quality diffuser will disperse the oil into the air within an extremely fine vapour. The diffuser does not heat the oils, thus ensuring full benefits. It is important to note that extreme heat can damage important constituents in essential oils.                                  IMG_0690Cold-water diffusers are essential to any home that desires to promote a more healthful environment.

    The benefits of diffusing genuine essential oils are many and varied:

  • Support restful sleep
  • Support daytime focus
  • Promote healthy indoor air quality
  • Forces dust to the floor
  • Promotes an uplifting environment
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Creates a healthy ionized room
  • Much safer alternative to most candles
  • Therapeutic benefits — helping to elevate moods
  • Promotes better energy



  • Using essential oils with a humidifier: Do not put essential oils in your humidifier, as they will float on top of the water rather than rising with the vapour. Instead, place a tissue or cloth sprinkled with a few drops of oil in front of the escaping steam or mist to help disperse the aroma into the room.
  • Bowl & hot water (not boiling): You may also pour hot (not boiling) water into a bowl and add a few drops of essential oil. Lean your head over the bowl, covering your head and the bowl with a towel, like a ‘tent’. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • For use in bath water for both inhalation and topical benefits, add a few drops of pure essential oil to a quarter cup of ‘Epsom Salt’ (magnesium sulfate) or a coarse grey sea salt and stir well to make a ‘bath salt’ carrier for your oil. This prevents the precious oil from simply floating on top of the bath water or sticking to the edge of the bath tub.

Topical Application

Simple steps for the topical application of pure YL essential oils:

  • Topically, some essential oils can be applied straight or “neat” with no dilution, but most should be diluted 50/50 (one to one part with carrier oil such as coconut, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or YL’s V-6 Complex). This will give your pure oils greater coverage on larger areas.
  • ‘Hotter’ essential oils and the more potent essential oil blends containing these oils should be diluted 20/80 (1 to 4 with carrier oil or YL’s V-6 Complex) before applying to the skin, and should be kept out of reach of children. Young Living’s DiGize™️ blend, Purification™️ blend, Panaway™️ blend, and Thieves®️ blend in the Starter Kit, fall into this category.
  • Milder oils such as Lavender and Copaiba (also found in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit) do not need to be diluted, may be applied straight, and are safe for children over 2 years old.
  • Using a reliable reference book, such as the Desk Reference mentioned above, or a reliable online resource can help to know how best to use your oils.
  • If the essential oil or blend you are using may be used straight without a carrier oil, carefully place 2 to 3 drops in the palm of your hand and apply to desired application area, or place drops directly on the desired area.
  • When dropping oil into your hand, rub your palms together in a clockwise circular motion and then massage the oil into the desired point of application. If applying directly to the desired area, use your hand to massage the oil in a circular motion into the skin.
  • NOTE: Most of the pure essential oils in your YL Premium Starter Kit are for both aromatic and topical use. Since pure essential oils are very potent, there is always the possibility that some may irritate sensitive skin, or skin that is in the process of detoxifying. If irritation occurs, immediately apply pure vegetable oil such as YL V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, or other quality carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil to the area to dilute. Please read label directions for each individual oil before using on skin.

Internal Consumption

Many essential oils may be used as food flavorings or dietary supplements. Before using any essential oil for internal consumption, however, first research your oil for it’s therapeutic benefits and to find out whether or not it is one you may ingest. The definitive ‘Essential Oils Desk Reference ~ 7th Edition‘ (Life Science Publishing) is a great resource. Young Living’s Vitality™ line of dietary essential oils in the U.S., and ‘Plus’ “+” line in Canada, give you the freedom to share and explore some of our best-loved essential oils in a variety of nutritious and delicious ways.

  • Use to naturally flavour your favourite recipes.
  • Place drops of an internally consumable pure essential oil into an empty capsule and swallow the capsule with water.
  • OR add 1–2 drops to a glass of almond milk, or rice milk OR to a teaspoon of Agave Nectar or Honey, OR a spoonful of applesauce or yogurt OR add to a blender smoothie.
  • Place a drop on the end of your thumb or index finger and rub on the roof of your mouth. Use caution with this method as many essential oils are potent and better diluted as described above. Be sure the essential oil is GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) for use in this manner, or an NHP labeled for ‘food flavouring’ in Canada.Starter Kit Aug2017


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This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please consult your health care practitioner prior to using your pure essential oils as outlined above.


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